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Egg Donor Database
Age: 30
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135Lbs
Hair: Dirty blond
Eyes: Hazel Green
Children: 2
Ethnicity: Welsh
Blood type: A+
High school GPA: 4.7 out of 4.0 due to Advanced placement courses.
Graduated high school 1 year early.
ACT score: 33
Academic distinctions: National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Class distinction (graduated in top
Colleges attending: University of Nebraska, Lincoln
(Double major) BS Mathematics and Biological Systems Engineering. (Minor in Biological
GPA: 3.6
Location: Location: Amagansett, NY
AMH: 6.16 10/14
1st cycle: 26 eggs, 24 mature, 20 embryos frozen for a surrogate. Pregnancy. 1/ 15
2nd cycle: 20 eggs, 13 embryos, two pregnancies, 2 live births. Aug 2015
3rd cycle: 29 eggs,18 mature, 17 fertilized, 16 embryos@day 3 Pregnancy. 3/16
4th cycle: 4th cycle: 13 eggs, 7 blastocysts. Frozen for a surrogate 4/16
5th cycle: 24 mature eggs, 19 fertilized, 10 blastocysts for PGS, 9 healthy frozen blasts for
future use. 7/16
6th cycle: 26 eggs, 20 mature, 20 embryos, 6 blastocysts frozen. Sept 2018
7th cycle : Please check with your clinic if they will work with a donor who has completed 6
Compensation: $17,000 plus exp.
Connecticut Egg Donor List

Age: 27
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 135
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown/hazel
Ethnicity: French, Irish
Blood type: Unknown
Children: 0
High school GPA: 3.5
SAT: Info to come
GRE: Info to come
Colleges attended:
University of Rhode Island
Course of study:
B.A. earned in Political Science. GPA: 3.2
Master's in Business Administration. GPA: 3.4
Location: Providence, RI

Compensation: $8,000+ Exp.
Mika CC#101 Connecticut